Welcome to High Up Productions
High Up Productions utilise the latest in drone and photographic technology to produce aerial photographs and video in smooth 1080HD & 4K to produce stunning results.

The company was formed to fill a niche in the market that was once only achievable using helicopters that are not only costly but are limited to 500 feet minimum above ground level which, when you need a close up view, is not possible. Using drones frees you from the restraints of this platform meaning that we can zoom in on any structure, person or persons under our control.

Our pilots all have CAA permission to fly and we only use other qualified pilots as spotters to ensure that every aspect of your project is carried out in a safe and controlled manner. High Up productions carries public liability insurance of five million pounds.

Our drones have longer airtimes then some platforms out there and can average 18 to 25 minutes, they are GPS tracked and have fail safe systems built into them. Normal VLOS (visual line of sight) can be carried out in an area 500 metres horizontal and 400 feet vertical although this can be increased using EVLOS (Extended visual line of sight) which is carried out under strict procedures. The cameras are mounted on a 3 axis gyro-stabilised brushless gimbal offering smooth filming with no vibration whatever the wind throws at the drone. Waypoints can be preloaded which enables you to set height, speed and distance and is especially useful for golf course or open farmland mapping. The use of a 30 degree up angle allows you to view under structures like bridges or viaducts.
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Panoramic aerial views of your property...

  • Trying to sell your property?

  • Tired of the same boring 'view from the ground' picture everyone has?

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Why not have an aerial picture that shows the whole property from high up? You could even go the full works and have a professionally edited video incorporating photos and captions describing what your property has to offer.

Buying a property?

Aerial inspections are a great way to inspect those hard to reach areas. From pitched and flat roofs to guttering and chimney breasts. (Please note that this service does not constitute a structural survey but we are willing to work with surveyors and their schedules)

How about a stunning aerial picture of the family home? Printed and placed in a frame that can be presented as a great gift idea? The possibilities are endless!

Business, training, TV & film services...

  • Looking for a way to make your business stand out?

  • Need a specifc angle for your next blockbuster?

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You can utilise aerial videos in a variety of ways within a company setting, be it staff safety videos or to record staff team building days as a memento. Why not have a stunning picture of your company premisis on your board room wall.

Additionally we can cater for all aspects of outdoor filming from movies to commercials, having a strong background in the industry we understand the requirements of the specialist business.
Golf course mapping and other outdoor events...

  • Want to film your crowd at that festival gig?

  • Want to map all 18 holes of your course to help improve your members handicap?

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Using state of the art GPS mapping why not create a video of your golf course? Each hole flown over using waypoints which can then be produced into a stunning video showing the par, distances to turns and the green.
Use the videos to demonstrate tips, sand traps, unseen obstacles, display the best clubs to use for each hole. Help make your club stand out and encourage new members.

There has never been such a demand to capture those important events from the best possible perspective and our pilots are fully licenced and insured to get right in the action. Be it your football team are in the final or that last band gig we’ve got you covered.
Family outings, events and overviews...

  • Are you looking for a way to get a truly unique photo of your entire family?

  • Would you like to capture that family event to show your grandkids?

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Be it a big or small family event, aerial pictures and videos are a great excuse to get everybody together and make a day to remember.

Mountain biking, skateboarding, water skiing, boating, jet skiing, bungee jumping, catapults, the list is endless! If you are doing it we can film it. Make that great day out with friends or family a permenant memory. (Paint balling not included for obvious reasons!)
Wedding services...

  • Want to have that "Hollywood" touch on your special day?

  • Need an incredibly wide angle shot to fit in the full length of your dress?

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Aerial videos will add a touch of class and a whole new angle to your wedding day. A bird’s eye view of your ‘special day’ from the moment you leave the house until you emerge from the church as ‘Mr & Mrs’ (indoor filming available dependant on permission from the owner and size of the venue).

Capture these unforgettable moments with your very own ‘eye in the sky’. Once edited you will be presented with a DVD which can be in various formats including .AVI or .MP4 or just a standard DVD format all in stunning High Definition!
Our Equipment
Please hover over the drones below for an brief decription of our equipments capabilities
Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3 Inspire 1 Professional Phantom 3 Professional
How your project is planned
  • First your requirements will be discussed and an appointment is arranged.

  • A full site survey is carried out which will include any issues within the proposed airspace to be used such as nearby airfields, wind farms and restricted airspace. Should the need arise to have roads closed then the relevant council will be contacted and arrangements made. Any building within the proposed area such as neighbour’s houses will be contacted prior to flying day and made aware of the situation and permissions gained. Once all aspects of the project are finalised and a contract has been signed we then move onto the next stage.

  • “On the day” safety checks are carried out and all personnel are briefed on their duties. The spotter or spotters (depending on the project) will make sure the area is safe for flying (NOTAMS issued prior to fly day as required) and that all personnel that are not within our control are moved to a safe zone. A “call sheet” is then produced outlining that everything is in place and that it is safe to fly.

  • The customer will be able to see everything the camera is looking at and can direct the “pilot in command” to move and film what is required. During the flight the “pilot in command” will also be in contact with the spotter at all times.

  • Once filming has been completed the drone is returned to the take off point and post flight checks are completed. Should the need arise for more flights the entire process is repeated.

  • As the customer, you can choose to have the raw footage or use our service, whereby we will edit the footage and produce an end product according to your specifications.

Some example Photos

You can e-mail us at info@highupproductions.co.uk or call us on the number below. Alternatively you can get hold of us by using the online form below, we always aim to reply to all request within 24 hours.
+44 (0) 7532 004906